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4. The purpose of this site (site refers to the totality of PickMyGuide.com) is to allow access between users (users refers to any person who uses the site or any of the services offered by the site) and guides (guides refers to individual/company registered on the PickMyGuide.com site). PickMyGuide.com does not take responsibility for the authenticity and reliability of the information provided on this site. We urge the users and the guides to be cautious and use their discretion when using PickMyGuide.com.

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10. Initial contact between Guides and Users must be through the use of the messaging system. Guides must not add email addresses on their profile. PickMyGuide.com reserves the right to remove or edit any part of the profile which contains an email address.

11. PickMyGuide reserves the right to remove profiles temporarily or permanently ban users if they fail to adhere to the terms and conditions therein.


PickMyGuide.com accepts payment through Pay Pal for advertising purposes (inclusive of “featured” guide). If any paid advertisement is not accessible for any reason inclusive of site maintenance, the length of time will be compensated through an extension equal to the time the access was restricted.

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